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We take a diverse approach to helping you manage your overall business debt.

Whether you have Merchant Cash Advances, business loans or business credit card debt, instead of paying numerous creditors every day or week, you make just one monthly deposit into your trust account.

Enter our program and allocate 50% of what you were paying your creditors into a trust account, to be used to satisfy your debts and cover all fees associated with our program.

A Tailored Plan Just for You

Have you already defaulted on your Merchant Cash Advance Loans? Are you still making scheduled payments, but can no longer sustain them because of a decrease in revenue? Are business credit card payments and other loan payments no longer sustainable?

Whatever your situation, we can help.

The Premier Team of professionals are in the business of helping people successfully manage their business debt. Our goal is to improve the financial health of your company and get you BACK IN THE BLACK. Our company, while not a law firm, is owned and operated by attorneys with years of experience in negotiations. They know how to negotiate to get the best result and combine that with years of experience and knowledge in managing business debt. The Premier Team can help you with a financial review of your business, assist you in establishing a reasonable budget, as well as developing a plan of action tailored to your specific business needs. We at Premier Debt Management help you address serious repayment issues involving your high interest merchant cash advances, as well as other business debt and advocate on your behalf for affordable payment terms, based on your ability to pay. We don’t believe in providing a band-aid approach, but a workable solution to increase your cash flow and get you back on the path to business growth and success.


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Enforce your Contractual Rights

Is some of your debt attributable any of the following: a Merchant Cash Advance, a Revenue Purchase Agreement or any other agreement based on a purchase and sale of your future receivables?

These agreements are made to be renegotiated based on your current revenue. If you are facing a hardship, or even if you have a sustained decline in income compared to the month when you signed the contract, you have the right to reduce or extend your payments. Unlike other debt management companies we do not “recommend” that you default on this debt, as any default can be devastating. Steps Creditors can take include more than just “suing you.” Creditors can file liens to immediately tie up your revenue and even questionable “Confessions of Judgment” that they can file with a court, to take every penny you own out of your bank account.

What we recommend to our clients is, If you are current on these contracts, or can stay current, sometimes just for a few extra weeks or even days, do not default. Instead, let us negotiate your new payment schedule, from a position of strength, pursuant to the terms of the contract you signed.

We have Made it our Mission to Become The Best Service Company in our Industry

  • Program Fee – Ours is the lowest in the industry (on average 1/3 less).
  • Success/Savings Fee – Unlike our competitors, there is no “success fee”, unless we lower your principal so much, that our Premier program pays for itself.
  • Reducing the Amount you Previously Allocated to your Creditors – Our Premier Program will immediately accept half, or less, of that amount based on your current ability to pay.
  • Reducing the Frequency of payments – Our Premier Program will turn daily payments to creditors into weekly or monthly deposits into your dedicated trust account.
  • Permanent Solutions – Unlike creditors who will try to offer you a temporary solution, only to return to the original contractual terms, usually within 30 days (and sometimes with additional fees and interest assessed) we offer a permanent solution in writing closing the matter on the most favorable terms to you.
  • Litigation support – We not only avoid going to court in the vast majority of cases, but unlike our competitors, in the unlikely event that it does go to court, we will pay your legal fees (up to $1500).
  • Full Transparency – Unlike our competitors, every dollar is accounted for at every stage of our representation through your client portal. We give you easy and secure online access to all of your program information 24/7.
  • Protection of your most valuable Asset, your Time – As a business owner, your time and energy should go into your business, not your creditors.
    • Creditors – As soon as you become a client of the Premier Team, we take over all communication. We deal with your creditors so you don’t have to.
    • Banking Issues – As part of our white glove service we stay in contact with your banks to help ensure that your creditors do not take withdrawals not specifically authorized by you.
    • Profit & Loss statement – Unlike our competitors, if you do not have a P&L statement at the ready, we will generate one for you.
  • Promises Kept – Other Debt Management companies will make promises they cannot keep. We stand by our promises. Everything we tell you we can and will do is in our retainer agreement for your review and signature.

Corporate Responsibility

We hire our talent from right here in the United States and advocate responsible ways of growing our business.

Our Leadership At Premier Debt Management

We have taken the lead in true customer service with the goal of assisting the client and giving the most valuable service in the industry.

Our Clients

“Premier Debt Management is a group of very intelligent and professional individuals who provide 100% commitment to their clients. Exceptional service, very extremely honest and reliable. ” – Business Owner

Negotiate and Fight

When you hire the Premier Team you join a company that knows negotiations and when to fight for the benefit of your business.